Site specific drawings & messages

Snail thumbnailFew things make me happier than being out somewhere drawing. Here are three examples of this site specific work.

The sea walksthe-sea-walks
Chinagraph pencil on rusted rope winch
This map is of the longshore drift at Dungeness, which is gradually moving shingle eastwards. Lorries work night and day rebuilding the beach so that the power station does not cast its nuclear load into the sea.

Uses for nettles
Chinagraph pencil on water trough
Nettle detail
This water trough is just below my allotment. In spring, I harvest young nettles from the top the site, using some to make delicious soup and drying the rest for tea.

Malago walk
As part of Hidden Waterways and Daylighting some of the team walked up the river Malago in South Bristol.
I wrote that the river was flowing under the bridge, because it’s so overgrown there that it’s easy for that to be forgotten.
On Hartcliffe Way, a busy main road, I wrote about debris from the traffic and the road surface ending up in the river.
This little snail made its way across the stone parapet so slowly that I had time to label it before it quietly slid away.
The litter bin already had the blue wavy line drawn on it that made me think of the river, so I incorporated it into a map of how the two rivers flow through this area. (The photos I am in were taken by Owain Jones.)