Pandemic pictures

I was able to spend some time in my studio during the restricted period, and I made these drawings and paintings in response to the situation.

Site specific drawings & messages

Snail thumbnail

Few things make me happier than being out somewhere drawing. Here are three examples of this site specific work.

Multispecies drawings

Multispecies drawings thumbnail

These recent drawings have come out of some thinking I have been doing around our ideas of human supremacy. In them I am exploring some of the ways in which humans and non-humans are interconnected, and the many overlapping communities that we co-exist in.

Older paintings, drawings and prints

City of Sisters thumbnail

I make paintings and drawings, and also use some simple printing techniques. In some of this image making I sew paper and use collage. More and more, the boundaries between these media become blurred and I now often use all of them when making one picture.