Site specific drawings & messages

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Few things make me happier than being out somewhere drawing. Here are three examples of this site specific work.

Multispecies drawings

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These recent drawings have come out of some thinking I have been doing around our ideas of human supremacy. In them I am exploring some of the ways in which humans and non-humans are interconnected, and the many overlapping communities that we co-exist in.

Published work

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My visual and written work appears in journals, books and websites and covers a range of forms including poems, short stories, paintings, illustrations and academic writing.

Tidal Village

2 night houses

No region is immune from climate change but the risks of displacement are greatest for countries with high exposure to hazards and with large populations, especially in areas that lack the capacity or resources to adequately prepare. Tidal Village is a piece of work made on the high tides of the Severn Estuary, in which Read More…

Hidden waterways and daylighting

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I worked as a commissioned artist on this strand of the Arts and Humanities Research Council funded Towards hydrocitizenship. Connecting communities with and through interdependent multiple water issues (2014-2017). This project took an innovative and multidisciplinary approach to intergenerational arts-based research and my role was engage communities in creative conversations about water.