Pandemic pictures

Thumbnail I was able to spend some time in my studio during the restricted period, and I made these drawings and paintings in response to the situation.

I was longing to be able to go to kent to see my daughter and grandson. I’d had a trip booked but it got cancelled because of the crisis. The figure is based on some cinefilm footage of me as a child running around our garden, and the horses found their own way into the picture.

My strange new world
Like many people, I had a particular route in this period of time. It went between my house, my own allotment about two mintes away, the garden of Speedwell Nursery School and the Companion Planting plot. The upstairs room in the house is my studio. The whilte lilac tree grows in our neighbours garden and the branches reach over into ours.

A recent article in the BMJ states ‘Emerging data show the pandemic tracking along social fault lines’, and I felt very frustrated as I watched the government’s apparent lack of care for people, which was in stark contrast to the kindness that people were showing each other.

Frenchay Garage
In May my son was ill with Covid19 symptoms. We had tests done but did not receive any results and so we self isolated for two weeks. The day we were allowed out we walked to Frenchay Common on the outskirts of Bristol, and this derelict garage stood sleeping in the sunshine.