I am a socially engaged artist based in Bristol and I work with people who find themselves on the margins for one reason or another. I design and deliver accessible creative sessions where people can express themselves, build their self confidence, and be part of an art process in a relaxed way. I work with a range of organisations including schools, universities and Children’s Centres, and issues of inclusion and cultural exchange are central to my practice.

I am currently working as a co researcher with a team from UWE on VIP-CLEAR: Voices in a Pandemic: Children’s Lockdown Experiences Applied to Recovery. Our research is AHRC funded and explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the learning, development, health and wellbeing of vulnerable and socially disadvantaged children between the ages of 3 to 11. Our methods interweave socially engaged arts practice with social science to capture children’s voices, and ensure that their views are included in building anticipatory resilient capital in preparation for future social shocks, including pandemics.

To see examples of my projects click onto My Work , and if you would like to discuss how I might work with your organisation, or have any other questions, please get in touch via the Contact page.