I am a socially engaged artist, illustrator, and narrative researcher based in Bristol. I work with people who find themselves on the margins for one reason or another, and issues of belonging, place and cultural exchange are central to my practice. I design and deliver creative interactions, inviting people to be part of an art process in a relaxed and expressive way.

I am currently working on the impact phases of two interdisciplinary projects with teams from UWE:
Racialised Experiences Project: Education, Children & Trust (RESPECT)
Voices in a Pandemic: Children’s Lockdown Experiences Applied to Recovery (VIP-CLEAR).

You can read more about these projects under the heading Arts based research.

I have recently started a PhD as part of the Postgraduate Research Programme in the College of Health and Social Sciences at UWE. My study will use intersectionality theory and arts-based research methods to understand the lived, educational experiences of children facing contexts of multiple deprivation.     

In my studio I am developing a series of self portraits exploring hidden characteristics and everyday practices. I also have an ongoing exploration of finding ephemeral, site-specific ways of sharing work in places where art is not usually shown.

If you think you might like to work creatively with me, please get in touch via the Contact page.